Mastering TypeScript Book : Coming April 2015

With the amazing growth of the TypeScript language and compiler over the past two years or so, it is surprising that there are relatively few books on the subject.  The books that have appeared to date have done a decent job of explaining the language features, but hardly any have taken that extra step into working closely with a particular JavaScript framework. 

Learning TypeScript is one thing, but learning to write Backbone.js applications with TypeScript is another.  Let alone Angular.js, or ExtJs, or Marionette.js, or require.js, or node.js for that matter. 

Each framework has it’s own peculiarities, syntax, object-creation lifetimes, and compatible libraries.  Some frameworks are able to use TypeScript’s natural language features, like interfaces and inheritance.  Some libraries cannot. 

So we are left with a number of questions:

  • How do we choose between these frameworks ?
  • What are the differences between these frameworks when writing with TypeScript ? 
  • How do we unit test our code within these frameworks ? 
  • How do we implement object-oriented design patterns within these frameworks in TypeScript ? 
  • How do we build Single Page Applications for the web using TypeScript ?
  • How do we write declaration files?
  • How do we use generics ?
  • How do we use modules in node.js and require.js ?
  • Can we use dependency injection in TypeScript ?

Announcing “Mastering TypeScript”

Over the past few months I have been closely working with the PAKT publishing team on their next book in the TypeScript range, named “Mastering TypeScript”. I am pleased to announce that it is scheduled for publishing next month, April 2015.

You can read all about it here :


Have fun,

– blorkfish

7 Responses to Mastering TypeScript Book : Coming April 2015

  1. Mike Allen says:

    Awesome news! It’ll be top of my wanted list!

  2. Bought this. Loving it so far.
    On Chapter 5 at the moment.

    Was surprised you advocated Backbone / Marionette over AngularJs, but after reading your blog post about it, I fully understand now.

    I’ve got a huge project lined up and I need to structure it well from the start, so it is easily extensible in the future. Your book is already paving the way.


    • blorkfish says:

      Hi Anthoni,
      Many thanks for your kind words, and I am glad that you are enjoying the book.
      It is a difficult thing choosing a JavaScript framework for a large project, and I hope that the techniques presented in the book will allow developers to assess JavaScript frameworks through the eyes of TypeScript.
      Good Object Oriented design patterns, and SOLID design principles will make any project well structured, and extensible, no matter what language they are written in.
      It is an exciting time to be a Typescript developer, with the imminent release of Angular 2, as well as ECMA 6 and 7 features available through libraries such as Aurelia.js.
      I am glad that you feel empowered and confident of tackling a large scale project in TypeScript – best of luck.
      – Blorkfish

      • Yea, been looking at Angular2. Unfortunately it’s still in early development and won’t be ready for some time by the looks of things.

        I’ve got some previous experience in Backbone and minor trials in Marionette as well, so I am thinking of using those frameworks.

        Like you said, it’s all about personal preference and what you are good at 🙂
        As I am the only developer I get to chose what framework to use.


  3. Hey Nathan I see you had a 2nd Edition out January 2017. What version of TS does it cover? Is it right up to 2.x or not?
    Looking to buy a book on the subject asap and your’s seems like the best out there (plus you’re a fellow Liverpool FC!)

    • blorkfish says:

      Hi Chris,
      Yes, the 2nd Edition covers TypeScript v2.x. It has also been updated to include the latest versions of Angular 2, Aurelia, React, Backbone and Node.
      – Nathan.

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